Ford Coyote Engines


The LS is to Bowtie enthusiasts what the Coyote is to Blue Oval fans: a powerful, well-engineered, aftermarket-respected V-8 that’s venerated for its off-the-lot performance as well as its tuning potential. Ford engineers hit a high-tech home run with the Mustang’s DOHC Coyote engine, whose ultra-modern design marked a turning point for the automaker. Noted Ford historian and regular HMM contributor Jim Smart has revised his excellent CarTech book, subtitled “How to Build Max Performance,” to cover all three generations of Coyote V-8s – including the Shelby GT350’s 5.2-liter Voodoo variant – built between 2011 and today. This title (ISBN 9781613257982) covers every aspect of modifying these engines, from internals like the rotating assembly, camshafts, and oiling system, to external components like various cylinder head options, forced induction, and exhaust systems. The 160-page softcover contains nearly 600 color photos along with multiple sidebars and detailed specification charts. Every Ford performance fan with a Coyote engine in the garage will greatly benefit from this book.

1967 Plymouth GTX Art Print

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The hottest Plymouth on the market in 1967 was the luxury-trimmed, Belvedere-based GTX. This car was available as a crisp convertible or stylish two-door hardtop, each sporting Red Streak tires, bucket seats, and a standard four-barrel-topped Super Commando V-8 under its twin-scooped hood; more adventurous types could opt for the vaunted 426 Street Hemi. Talented automotive artist Jim Gerdom ( has honored this high-end muscle machine by rendering the GTX coupe as a frame-worthy piece of art. If it wins you over, you can hang it on your wall! Just 1,967 examples of this limited-edition art print (item AP09524), generously sized at 12 x 24-inches, will be produced using archival paper. Each example is hand-signed and numbered; U.S. orders ship free.

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